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It is my goal to help you on your journey of finding more health and harmony though the beautiful art forms of Thai Yoga Massage & Reflexology.

Thai Yoga Massage & Reflexology are forms of bodywork near & dear to my heart. This work requires patience, skill, creativity, generosity & willingness to go with the flow. I love offering this work for clients to experience rejuvenation & deep relaxation.

I am now offering mobile in home visits to current clients for Thai Yoga Massage & Reflexology.


​I look forward to seeing you very soon.
Take care and be well...naturally!
Stephanie Ellis
Thai Yoga Massage


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Please note that Reiki and any other systems on this website are complimentary and will work in conjunction with any Western Medicine/Treatment you may be receiving, BUT they should never take the place of a licensed medical practitioner. If you suffer or believe you may be suffering from any medical, emotional or psychological issues always contact a licensed medical professional. The information contained in this website is for information purposes only and therefore Stephanie Ellis Wellness Therapies will not be held responsible for any actions taken as a result of the information provided on this website.