Uniquely Pure Essential Oils


Since my early adulthood I have recognized and appreciated holistic practices, self-care and mind-body practices such as yoga as an integral part of maintaining health and happiness.

Along the way I discovered essential oils for their effects on mood, such as relaxing with lavender or energizing with peppermint. However it was not until just a few years ago that I began to learn the many benefits essential oils have for overall health and a balanced lifestyle.

I came to know doTERRA as the most pure and therapeutic oils available.

I am so thankful to have found doTERRA essential oils which I now use for everything from cleaning my home to preventing and taking care of many health concerns. I also find it so exciting that as a licensed massage therapist I am able to offer doTERRA essential oils to each massage session to enhance the benefits of the treatment.

Thank you for joining me in learning more about these amazing gifts from the Earth!


Please let me know how I can help.

Take care and be well...naturally,

Stephanie Ellis, lmbt7685


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