Soul Path Meditations

Introducing My Book, A True Labor of Love!

“SoulPath Meditations: Seven Offerings for Mind-Body-Spirit Renewal”

An Illustrated Collection of Inspired Meditations...


Each new day, new lunar cycle, or new moment can be an opportunity to begin again, to become present in the moment, to connect again to the true self.

When we re-connect through self-care and mindfulness practices we enable ourselves to heal and then move forward with more clarity, more joy, refueled, and ready for the challenges and ups and downs of life.

Let’s utilize the rhythms of the natural world, the rhythms of our own breath and heartbeat, to reconnect and honor our life’s essence, our own eternal and vital energy.

These meditations are for your busy lifestyle and can be done anywhere, anytime, without any special clothing or equipment.

I am excited to embark on this healing journey with you!



Second Edition EBook Version of Soul Path Meditations is my FREE gift to you now though May 10th!

& Recorded Versions of all 7 meditations are here too!

See below!


Soul Path Meditations 2nd Edition Cover.
OneHeart Harmony
00:00 / 04:10
TwoInner Purity
00:00 / 05:47
ThreeHigher Self
00:00 / 06:08
00:00 / 05:46
FiveGrounding & Renewal
00:00 / 06:02
00:00 / 08:01
SevenSelf Healing
00:00 / 07:12

EBook Collection

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