Thriving Therapist: Create or Re-Energize Your Wellness Practice!

Thriving Therapist: Create or Re-Energize Your Wellness Practice!


This course is for all wellness practitioners, including massage therapists who will earn 6 NCBTMB Approved CE Hours.


This one day course is a self-care retreat and is all about you! Some of our day will include meditation, restorative yoga, a self-healing experience, as well as identifying your goals and vision for your wellness practice.


We’ll talk about your dreams and anything and everything that is holding you back. The work we will embark upon guides you through an enriching, holistic personal growth process. 


We will look at any challenges you may be having, move into creating greater balance in your life, and bringing your vision into reality!

  • Details & Registration


    6 NCBTMB Approved Hours for Licensed Massage Therapists

    10:00am - 5:00pm


    Please stay in touch for more detials coming soon!

    Location will be College of Wilmington, Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC


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