Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage

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Thai Yoga Massage or Thai Yoga Bodywork, also known as Nuat Boran (the ancient traditional massage of Thailand), is a powerful method of healing that combines acupressure, deep compressions, and passive yoga stretching to restore total balance for body and mind.

The slow stretching movements are similar to Yoga and are known in the west as "passive yoga".

The application of rhythmic compressions and stretches along some of the most important energy lines and yoga-like positioning of the body:

~ deeply opens joints and increases flexibility

~ facilitates the release of long held tensions in the muscles

~ helps the body’s natural energy to flow more freely

~ brings a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Thai Bodywork is wonderful for yoga practitioners or athletes, and also helps alleviate problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle so common in our society.

Treatments vary in length from 60-120 minutes and are fully clothed, non-oil massages. Also, as in yoga it is best experienced on an empty stomach.

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