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​Stephanie Ellis Wellness Therapies

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​Fifth Avenue Executive Centre

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Wilmington, NC 28401

call (910) 431-3325

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Please note that Reiki and any other systems on this website are complimentary and will work in conjunction with any Western Medicine/Treatment you may be receiving, BUT they should never take the place of a licensed medical practitioner. If you suffer or believe you may be suffering from any medical, emotional or psychological issues always contact a licensed medical professional. The information contained in this website is for information purposes only and therefore Stephanie Ellis Wellness Therapies will not be held responsible for any actions taken as a result of the information provided on this website.

Goddess Way Life Coaching


Goddess Way Life Coaching is all about you, the client. In your session, we’ll talk about your dreams, vision, goals, and anything and everything that is holding you back. ​

We’ll begin with an in-depth intake form so we don’t need to spend time walking through the basics. After that, you decide. Do you want to make a plan to get a new job or begin a creative project? Work on your relationships? Work through behavior patterns that keep you from achieving your goals? ​

Whatever is it, I am holding space for you, to guide you towards greater peace, more love, more light, and perfect alignment.

This work guides you through an enriching personal growth process. We will assess your challenges and obstacles to growth. We will move toward creating greater balance in your life, and bringing your vision into reality.

It is highly recommeded that when choosing to work with a life coach, that you complete at least 2 sessions so that you can track your progress.





Choose your option
  • Some of our work together may include:

    Self-Inquiry Journey

    Self-Inquiry Journey is a guided experience in clearing the way to your best you.

    It is designed to help you:

    Recognize and separate your intrinsic self from your fragile ego identities

    Notice, question, and understand the negative thoughts and feelings that bring us and others down

    Release anything and everything that isn’t serving your highest self

    Understand feelings of constriction, and turn them into expansion

    Find deeper sense of connection, peace, and possibility.


    Soul Path Discovery

    Discover your life’s purpose and where to begin the next exciting phase of your life’s journey!


    Joy-Filled Living!

    Identify areas in your life that cause you to feel drained, depleted, or where you need a boost of inspiration to refuel certain areas of life.  Do you have a goal or vision for yourself in mind, for your health, relationships, career, a creative pursuit, or lifestyle, and have gotten stuck along the way?

    We will work with resilience, inspiration, and the following principals so that you can live your best most joy filled life of your dreams.


    Our Core Principals:

    Growing and thriving mindset.

    Getting clear on your goals.

    Breaking down your goals into structures that will allow you to achieve your dreams.

    Discover and align with your true life purpose.

    Holistic healing.

    The 6 domains of life and how to use them to spot problems, resolve issues, and create balance.

    Use forgiveness and expansion of consciousness as keys to healing & freedom.

    Understanding our connection to Nature, and learning from natural cycles.

    How Sweetness, Structure, and Space impact our lives.

    The importance of Self Trust, Integrity, and Confidence and how to build them.

    How to connect to Spirit and engage inspiration as a tool for transformation.

    Remove blockages that are holding you back from living a life of happiness, meaning, and freedom.

    Create the life of your dreams.


    Health & Wellness Journey

    Let us dive into your goals and challenges with your health & wellness. Let me be your guide, offer in person massage therapy and yoga sessions, refer you to resources you may need, and develop a plan for your health & wellness vision.


    As a Goddess Way Life Coach I am a guide and advocate who lights the way for you to find you own wisdom, inner knowing and truth. The skills, processes and perspectives I utilize are all to walk alongside you to help you see and clear the obstacles blocking your way, recognize your gifts and soul’s purpose, and bring your potential into action in your daily life.