I am so thrilled to introduce some new offerings this year...

In order to continue to serve you with tools in your "life's toolbox" for a happy, healthy, abundant life, I have added some new ways to help you along your journey. It is my pure joy and honor to add the following services and self-care goodness!

Introducing my book... a true labor of love!

“SoulPath Meditations: Seven Offerings for Mind-Body-Spirit Renewal” $11.11

An Illustrated Collection of Inspired Meditations

Each new day, new lunar cycle, or new moment can be an opportunity to begin again, to become present in the moment, to connect again to the true self.


When we re-connect through self-care and mindfulness practices we enable ourselves to heal and then move forward with more clarity, more joy, refueled, and ready for the challenges and ups and downs of life.


Let’s utilize the rhythms of the natural world, the rhythms of our own breath and heartbeat, to reconnect and honor our life’s essence, our own eternal and vital energy.


These meditations are for your busy lifestyle and can be done anywhere, anytime, without any special clothing or equipment.


I am excited to embark on this healing journey with you!




Introducing Guided Meditation Subscription!

Seven weeks of recorded guided meditations from “SoulPath Meditations” $11.11

Each meditation will arrive in your email inbox every week for seven weeks. Just listen and breathe!

All of these meditations are between 5 to 10 minutes in length. Perfect for your busy life.


New Services Available!

Choose either...

DISTANCE (Via phone, Facetime, or Skype) or

IN PERSON (At my Wilmington Office)

When in person, these services can be added to a massage therapy service single visit.

Learn more below...

Guided Meditation

These guided meditations will be based on “Soul Path Meditations” but will be more in depth and include Reiki Healing Energy as part of the session.

Reiki Healing Energy

During our session we will set the stage to help you come into a state of complete relaxation where the body can heal itself, and where stress and tension (the cause of most of our discomfort in mind and body) can be released.


We will set a clear intention for letting go of anything and everything that is not serving your highest self. I will channel healing energy from the earth and elemental realms to bring in a new harmony and balance for you


I will hold space for your own healing journey, and help facilitate a sense of complete ease and support so that you can access your own deep inner knowing.


I may place my hands on or near your body, but this is not a massage. You will feel a soothing heat coming from my hands, which will help you relax and receive.


Be prepared to feel lighter and much more relaxed and clear about every aspect of your life.


Try not to eat anything heavy for several hours before our session. Be sure to hydrate and eat something nourishing after.

Wear comfortable clothing that is not too restrictive. Natural fibers are best.

I also encourage you to do some journaling or at least set aside some quiet time after to process your experience.

Goddess Way Life Coaching

Goddess Way Life Coaching is all about you, the client. In your session, we’ll talk about your dreams, vision, goals, and anything and everything that is holding you back.

I am inspired by a passion to uplift and guide women to live a life they love. I help women transition from where they are to where they want to be in all areas of life including health, relationships, life purpose, and life goals.

The work we will embark upon guides you through an enriching, holistic personal growth process. We will assess your challenges and obstacles to growth. We will move toward creating greater balance in your life, and bringing your vision into reality.


As a Goddess Way Life Coach I am a guide and advocate who lights the way for you to find you own wisdom, inner knowing and truth. The skills, processes and perspectives I utilize are all to walk alongside you to help you see and clear the obstacles blocking your way, recognize your gifts and soul’s purpose, and bring your potential into action in your daily life.

This will be an amazing journey for all who choose to participate!


Let me know your questions and schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

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