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Water Goddess Energy Attunement

An attunement is a connection, an alignment with a particular energy vibration. An attunement can be shared by setting intention and psychically sending the energy to others. I designed this attunement for you to utilize and enjoy, for uplifting your spirit and clearing negativity. This attunement sets you up to connect with Water Goddess Energy. I am excited to send this energy to you!

Water Goddess Energy in this sense is the essence of all the pure elements of the earth, the flow of nature all around us, creativity, new beginnings, and freedom.

Prior to your attunement you may want to avoid heavy foods, consuming alcohol, caffeine, or drugs.

Your well-being can affect the flow of energy, so if you are very stressed, over tired, or physically ill, it may be best to postpone the attunement until you feel better.

Some people like to do a detox or cleanse for a couple of days before their attunement.

Allow yourself about 30 minutes to an hour of quiet time where you will not be disturbed. If you would like, you can clean the room with sage, light incense or candles and put on some relaxing music. You can sit or lay down for your attunement.

Once you feel ready to receive your attunement, relax! Don’t worry about what you are going to feel or not feel. Remember, energy flows in different ways. Whatever you feel or don’t feel is right for you. Just let it flow to you and you will naturally absorb it.

I always call in my spirit guides to oversee the attunement and protect me. You may also choose to affirm by saying, “I am grounded and protected. I am prepared to receive this positive energy attunement.”

During the attunement, simply relax and breathe, follow along with the words I am sharing with you, and enjoy receiving this nurturing attunement.

Every attunement is different for every person. Some people can feel the energies, some feel tingly, others feel incredibly relaxed, some feel warm, some feel cold, some nothing at all. There are no rules, just go with whatever you experience.

Many people notice subtle changes after the attunement and for a few days as the energies soak in to your field.

Once the attunement has finished you will automatically feel yourself begin to awaken.

Once the attunement feels complete take a moment to thank the new energies that you have received and acknowledge that the attunement is complete.


Thank you for allowing me to send this Water Goddess Energy to you.


An audio version of this attunement is available below.


I have locked the Water Goddess Energy Attunement into these pages via visualization, sending it Reiki, and by forming a qi ball surrounding it. This energy does not expire and is always available to you.

Once you are settled in, relaxed and ready, simply unlock this attunement by proceeding to the next page…


Be well,


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